Frangipani flower, Blue flowers removable wallpaper - delicate art wall, self adhesive, watercolor wall decor, contemporary wallpaper #123 #blueflowerwallpaper
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Frangipani flower, Blue flowers removable wallpaper - delicate art wall, self adhesive, watercolor wall decor, contemporary wallpaper #123 #blueflowerwallpaper

Winter is often associated with blue! Frangipani flower Blue flowers removable wallpaper is a vivid way to make your home blue and delicate - feel winter and tropics and the same time! #winterdecor #wintercolor #winterideas #decorating #Homeideas #homedecor #homedesign #interiors #interiordecorating #bluecolor #Blueideas #tropical #peelandstic #removable #Mural

Hello - Hallo - Hola - Ciao - Bonjour - Namaste! :) I am more than happy to see you came across my shop. I hope you're gonna find something pretty for your home that will be appreciated by everyone who visits you! In this listing you can purchase the wallpaper printed on a removable or traditional material – you choose! Removable material is perfect for people who appreciate easy solutions. To install it you will need few simple tools and a friend to help you. :-) If you do not need a self-adhesive paper, I can offer you my traditional wallpaper material. I guarantee a satisfaction of both! Sizes: - 19.7" x 48" / 50 cm x 122 cm - 19.7" x 96" / 50 cm x 244 cm - 19.7" x 108" / 50 cm x 275 cm - 39.4" x 48" / 100 x 122 cm - 39.4" x 96" / 100 x 244 cm - 39.4" x 108" / 100 x 275 cm Pattern repeat is adjusted to the width of the roll - it varies depending on what roll (19.7" or 39.4") you choose! ** I gladly prepare custom orders! If you need different size than those listed above or any other modification do not hesitate to contact me! :-) ** Wall preparation: Correct wall preparation is a very important step before an installation. If you follow the instruction your wallpaper will serve you as a long-lasting home decoration! :-) For both materials the most important thing is to have your wall clean, free of dust and dry. It also cannot be freshly painted. I do not recommend applying the paper on a textured walls, adhesive may not work well on this kind of surface. A self-adhesive wallpaper should not be used on a surface painted with washable paints like acrylic or latex. Unfortunately a glue may not react well to this kind of paint. The main advantage of Peel&Stick material is that it can be stuck and removed multiple times. However, please keep in mind, that it works with solid surfaces only. Returns & exchanges: All of my products are made-to-order, but I’d like to provide you an excellent service. If you need to return the item for some reason – please, contact me. Returns&exchanges don’t apply to custom orders, so for an example these with color modifications or requested sizes. If you are not sure which material will be better for you, I recommend ordering samples. You can do that here: Please remember! Samples are not designated to check the colors - printing process may vary, slight differences in colors can occur. If you have any questions - I am here to help! Send me a message :-) All the best, Julia from MarzipanDays


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